Top 11 Reasons Your Plugin Was Rejected

And no, we don't hate you.

Created for WordCamp Ventura 2014

Mika "Ipstenu" Epstein

Mika Epstein

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11. Trademarks


You aren't Google, last I checked.

10. Readme

blah blah text

Say what you mean!

9. Phoning Home

An old style phone

Unsolicited phone calls are annoying.

8. Updates

A goldfish leaping into a new bowl

You're not your own deployment server.

7. Encryption

An old style phone

Don't burry the lede.

6. GPL!

An old style phone

Keep it legal folks.

5. wp-load.php

An old style phone

Keep WordPress in WordPress.

4. Unsafe SQL

Danger sign

Be prepared!

3. jQuery

jquery logo

What you want, baby we've got it!

2. wp-content

paths in the woods

Don't hardcode paths!

1. Reply to Email

Domo Kitten

We're waiting for you!


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