Be True To You

WordCamp St. Louis 2015

Created for WordCamp St. Louis 2015

Not Me

(But listen to me anyway...)

"How can I be you?"

(Why would you want to be ME?)

Michael Jordan, Hang time

"How did you get good at this?"

(You mean how do I do that?)

little ballarinas practicing

"What can I read to learn...?"

(But I don't have cheat sheets!)

A man reading on a lawn

Those aren't the right questions!

(They're not wrong)

Question Dice

You don't want to be me!

(I am cool, but so are you)

A cool stuffed puppy with sunglasses

You know how you learn.

(I learn by doing)

A girl studying a chessboard

You know what you like.

(I like archery)

Japanese archery - because it looks pretty.

You know what you're good at.

(I'm good at breaking things)

A broken down car on the side of the road, with someone looking into the hood.

Let's ask the real questions.

(There is a secret question to ask!)

Someone listening.

"What do I want to be?"

(42! Wait...)

Success Kid Meme: Child holding a handful of sand, looking determined.

"Can you help me be [this]?"

(If I can't, I know who can!)

Penguin daddy with his baby.


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