Defeating Yourself

WordCamp Salt Lake City 2015

Created for WordCamp Salt Lake City 2015


"Its like WinImage!"

WinInstall example

Faking It

Can they see you know nothing?

Fingers crossed behind back, holding a sign that says ME.

Making It

The lie becomes the truth.

A poster saying 'Truth' but it's pealed and faded.

Why Me?

Why would anyone be here?

A view from a stage of an empty theater.

Why Us?

Actually this is all about me.

A hand with 'About me' written on the palm.

Fact One:

Everyone's bluffing about something.

People playing poker and a bright blue bear holding chips.

Fact Two:

Some people ARE smarter and/or better than you are.

A math problem that is incomplete so it looks unsolvable.

Fact Three:

Sometimes it's just in your head.

A person with a bad headache, holding their hand to their head.

Fact Four:

Just because it's all in your head doesn't mean it's all in your head

A body with no head, just to illustrate things.

Fact Five:

It's okay to say you don't know

Grafitti reading 'you don't know....'

Fact Five:

It's not about what you know but how you know

Walnut with a fortune saying 'Use Your Brain.'


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