Your Plugin Sucks

(19 Simple Guidelines For Making It Better)

Created for WordCamp Raleigh 2017

Your First Plugin Sucks

(And That's Okay)

The Rules Guidelines For Good Plugins

This Is (Mostly) Not About Code

1: Change With The Times

It's Not Quite Calvinball

2: Be Patient

A Good Review Takes Time

3: Fight Imposter Syndrome

Don't Worry If You're New

4: Plan for Global Use

We Consider 26% of the Internet

5. Names Matter

Trademarks, Copyrights, Conflicts

6. Share the Load

Communal Libraries Save Data

7. Sanitize, Validate, and Escape Everything

Better Safe Than Sorry

8. Trust No One

Not Even Yourself

9. Code What You Want

Code What You Can Support

10. Expect for the Unexpected

11. Listen to Support Requests

Even If You Say No

12: It's Okay to Say No

But Don't Be Mean About It

13: Document, Document, Document

(Document, Document, Document)

14. Take All Security Reports Seriously

Even If You Know It's Wrong

15. Reply To ALL Security (and bug) Reports

Say "Thank You" and Credit

16. Announce Security Fixes Publicly

Don't Hide Them!

17. Coordinate With Others

Share The Safety

18. Be A Part of the Community

Communicate, Document, Credit

19. Always Keep Learning

Knowledge is Endless


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