How (not) To Submit Plugins

WordCamp Orange County 2015

Created for WordCamp Orange County 2015


I'm a little irreverent and fun ...

I'm a little irreverant and fun.

Additional Warning

Don't let this scare you off!

Cation: Bears on hiking trail

Serious Warning

These are all things that will delay reviews of your plugins!

Caution: Squirrel Crossing

Submit Busted Code

(Or a zip that won't open)

A broken CD

Use bad or private URLs for your code

(I can't open http://localhost/ )

Private Road, no access.

Violate trademarks

(You're not Facebook.)

Neither are you Elvis. The King has left the building.

Use someone else's code

(You're not Jaquith.)

The Many Faces of Mark Jaquith


(or email, or text, or Facebook, or G+, or slack)

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Ignore our emails

(We won't tweet/text you!)

A lot of unread emails? We miss you!


(And remember to bring a towel)

Don't panic and half a towel, you hoopy froods.


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