Detoxify Your Site

WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

Created for WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

There Are Many Kinds of Toxic People

The hater

The know-it-all

The concern troll

The Pilkunnussija

You Dread Your Own Site

Where Did The Fun Go?

A cute puppy with a toy.

Cleanse Your Colon

Keep your Community Healthy

A healthy, green, salad.

Step One

Forget the First Amendment

The american flag waving in the wind.

Step Two

Be Consistent

Darts in a target, culstered around the center.

Step Three

Arm Yourself

Traditional japanese archers, practicing.

Step Four

Trust Yourself

Guys in armor fighting in the SCA.

WordPress Tips

  • Use the Comment Moderation and Comment Blacklist
  • Use plugins like Comment Probation to monitor new people
  • Watch their IPs

Outside WordPress

  • Block them from your email
  • Use Twitter and Facebook's block functions


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