The Good, The Bad, and the Stalker

WordCamp Europe 2016

Created for WordCamp Europe 2016

30 Months In Jail

Over a One Star Review

Monopoly board game with a focus on the jail square.

An Extreme?

Not So Much

A very angry black duck on a frozen lake.

Your Code Is Bad

And You Should Feel Bad

A very angry lobster with his claws bound in a rubber band.


Reviews Are Lessons

Young ballet dancers learning, enthusiastically, at a class.

The Points Don't Matter

Everything Is Made Up

A broken down baseball scoreboard.

Context Is Everything

Room For Improvement

A room that looks horrible with paint pealing.

There Will be Anger

To The Pain

A very angry child (maybe 5) in a red hat.

A Review Is An Experience

And It's Not Yours

Rugby players in a scrum, except for the guy who got the ball.

Handling A Review...

It's Not Easy

A CD on fire.

The "Support" Review

"I don't know how to use it."

The titan Atlas holding up the world.

The "Blackmail" Review

"You don't have a feature I want."

A fake pirate holding another pirate at knifepoint.

The "Commercial" Review

"I bought the pro version and it sucks."

A 70% off sale sign.

The "Way Too Angry" Review


A child attacking another with water, spraying it at him.

The "Mistake" Review

Spam, sockpuppets, wrong plugins, and more!

Pink post-it note thats says 'oops.'


Mistakes Will Happen

Women learning how to ski.

Your Business Is Not Code

It's You

A drycleaner store, offering same day service.

A Final Thought...

Don't Be The Bad Guy

A pile of Euros.

You Can Say No

Defeat Does Not Mean Loss

The word NO.


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