Working with Webhosts

WordCamp Europe 2015

Created for WordCamp Europe 2015

What Is A WebHost?

Why Are They Different?

Bottlecaps, one is different than the other.

Setting Expectations

Hosts Are Not Developers

A cat checking out a computer.

Setting Expectations

Hosts Will Fix What's Theirs

Roadwork being worked on.

Setting Expectations

All Hosts Are Different

People feeding birds and squirrels and everyone looks very different.

Setting Expectations

Don't Assume

A sign reading 'psyhic' as an ad.

Give the Right Information

Who Are We Talking About?

Broken window

Give The Right Information

Are You The Owner?

A man and his dog.

Give The Right Information

Where Does It Hurt?

A skateborder fallen to the ground in pain after a crash.

Explaining The Problem

Even If It's Tricky

Someone explaining what's on a chalkboard.

Explaining The Problem

Details Are Important

A keyboard with a special 'confused' button.

Explaining The Problem

Walk Them Through It

A dog walking one way, a human walking another

You're Not The Customer?

They May Have To Talk Tech

A monglian in a fur hat on a cell phone.

Pick The Host You Like

And It's Subjective

Some kind of creepy happy faces, and one sad one.

Everyone Wants Everyone To Be Happy

A smiling, happy, cat.


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