Plugin Reviews Demystified

(How We Review Plugins)

WordCamp Atlanta 2016

Created for WordCamp Atlanta 2016

So You've Submitted a Plugin

Now What?

The Plugin Submission Form

The Submissions

Yeah, it's messy...

This is what the submissions page looks like.

The Rejections...

Name Based

Sign saying 'Reserved for Melissa'

The Rejections...

Trademark Based

Picture of a FIAT steering wheel.

The Rejections...

Behavioral Based

Children playing the running of the bulls a bit meanly.

The Rejections...

Subject Matter Based

A grey cat with a hat on, becuase I can't figure out how to illustrate this.

The Rejections...

Seven+ Days Old

A week (in French)

The Reviews...

Download the Plugin

That's a zip disk and if you recognize it, you're awesome.

The Reviews...

Check for Headers, License, and Copyright

License plates. One is Georgia.

The Reviews...

Check all the JS and CSS

A cup of coffee (a latte)

The Reviews...

Grep for wp-(con|blog|load)

A microscope.

The Reviews...

Grep all the $_\[(post|get|request)\] calls

Grafitti of  telescope.

The Reviews...

Grep for SQL

Pay to use binoculars in Japan

The Reviews...

Read The Whole Plugin

A dog with granny glasses, reading a magazine

The Reviews...

What's Wrong?

Wrong Way sign

The Reviews...

Install the Plugin

A Compact Disc.

The Reviews...

Break-- I mean USE the Plugin

A car on fire.

The Reviews...

Approval or Pending?

A guy with one thumb up and one thumb down.

The Reviews...

Rinse and Repeat

An apple being washed


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