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WordCamp Atlanta 2016

Created for WordCamp Atlanta 2016

I Have Always Written

Reading Inspires Me to Write

Words written in cusrive on paper

I Have Blogged For 20 Years

Before we even called it blogging...

A USB cord on paper with some random words written down.

I Have Learned to Code

The desire to create inspires me to code

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But Still I Wrote

Still I write every single day

Palms of hands with all sorts of words written on them.

Now I Write and Code

I look at words and code every day

A cat at a keyboard, looking into a monitor.

And I Write Even More

More than 1000 words every single day

A dog at a keyboard, looking into one monitor of three.

The Road I Traveled

Writing is my road

A country road with another smaller road off to the side.

Dōgyō Ninin

We Two, Traveling Together

Mt. Fuji as seen from Enoshima, with a sakura tree.

Walk With Us

Tell Us Your Story

An old couple, walking together.


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